Samsung will sell its rotating Sero TV outside of Korea

Back in April, Samsung announced a rotating TV called ‘The Sero.’ Like Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2, the screen can swivel between a conventional landscape setup and portrait orientation that’s optimized for smartphone-centric content like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and TikToks. Samsung launched the 4K display in Korea for 1.89 million won …

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Why does India have so many disgraced gurus?

A mysterious video surfaced in India last month, and soon became the source of memes across the country. On the video there was a man with a neatly trimmed beard in the centre of the frame, with ash smeared all over his forehead and long gold and bead necklaces around his neck. …

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Vulnerability is a sign of psychological bravery

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an act of bravery. In the end, a strong person isn’t one who manages to keep a fake image of happiness for a long time. You’re strong when you let your feelings out into the world, and when you accept your mistakes and pain.

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