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Toyota and Lexus unveil futuristic vehicles for the moon

Lexus and Toyota’s European Advanced Design Studio has unveiled several futuristic lunar vehicle concepts for the Document Journal magazine. They’re all based on the Lexus LF-30 Electric Concept, starting with the Lexus Lunar Cosmos (above) by designer Jean-Baptiste Henry, which supposedly hovers over the moon’s surface. In the back, there’s …

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Researchers successfully create neuromorphic nanowire network

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and a complex network composed of several metallic nanowires, a team of international researchers demonstrated how to mimic electrical characteristics associated with various higher order human brain functions. This includes things like learning, memorizing, become alert, and calming down. The development of such advanced …

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Boeing says its Starliner will be easy to refurbish

SpaceX has made a name for itself by producing space-faring hardware that is easily refurbished. The company’s Falcon rockets can be reused multiple times, reducing the turnaround time between launches and lowering costs. Now, with the battle between Boeing and SpaceX heating up, Boeing is boasting that its own Starliner …

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