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Sex delays menopause, study finds

Women approaching menopause who have frequent sex are less likely to cross that threshold than women of the same age who are not as active sexually, researchers said Wednesday. On average, intimate relations at least once a week reduced the chances of entering menopause by 28 per cent compared to …

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Google to phase out third-party cookies

Google said on Tuesday that it plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in its popular web browser, Chrome, within the next two years. Chrome is the last major internet browser to discontinue cookies, which means that the end of the decades-old tracking technology is finally in sight. Chrome …

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Does Blood Type Dictate Stomach Flu Risk?

Norovirus outbreaks, or more commonly known as the stomach flu, have been pretty rampant over the last couple of months, pushing schools all across the country to close down for unmentioned periods of time. Affecting people of all ages, infections of the virus are known for causing projectile vomiting, low-grade …

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