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People are the most important thing in the world, so here we talk about ourselves, giving everyone the opportunity to be featured.

Express poll: Should BBC be a subscription service?

This week a YouGov poll conducted for The Times showed more people want to see the Beeb funded by advertising during commercial breaks than from licence fees. When asked what their preferred method of funding would be, 37 percent said advertising, while 27 percent said licence fees. Fourteen percent said …

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This 6-year-old British girl saved people from slavery

The little girl, Florence Widdicombe from south London, found a message from a prisoner in China inside a Christmas card her family had bought from Tesco.The message inside named the former journalist Peter Humphrey as a contact, who spent two years in the same Shanghai Qingpu prison in China. Tesco, …

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Foods a pregnant woman should not eat

It is normal for expectant mothers to gain between ten and twelve kilos of weight during their pregnancy. However, mothers should do it in a healthy way by taking care of their diet. According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are some foods pregnant women should avoid because they may …

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Happy New Year 2020!

The editorial staff of The Dtagon Times wishes its readers and supporters the maximum of Love, Joy, Happiness, Health and Wealth in the year 2020. We are still defining magazine’s roles and responsibilities, improving the structure and layout of the publication and sharpening our strategy. The year 2020 will commence …

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The tell-tale signs you could be calcium deficient

We all know calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth, but did you know it’s just as vital for adults as it is for children? Calcium is crucial for energy, muscle function and normal blood clotting, irrespective of your age. We speak to state registered dietitian and spokesperson for …

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