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People are the most important thing in the world, so here we talk about ourselves, giving everyone the opportunity to be featured.

The Story of Lucky number 7

THE Magical number 7. I was actually thinking of writing something HUUGE about 7, all magical and spiritual-shit haha, but.. I've decided to spread some Light and share a story about: "The time ID1111 had real fun with THE Magical 7

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Music and Freedom for the Kingdomers

HIGH TVA Dragon welcomed the people to share their findings. Share their Truth. And opened up a topic where they can do that comfortably.. Everyone are allowed to post anywhere they want! Everyone are allowed to read as guests, if registering in the forum for some reason doesn't resonate.

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First OHK Awaken Hero is born

In 3DW106 High Theatrical Entertainment Value thread where ID1 can show creativity. If you really think about it?? Acting is actually what we do every second of everyday, in our experience..Morning, Waking up -- already and act.

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