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Olivia is a freelancer, researcher, writer, health specialist, and a crypto guru

First Coronavirus Antibody Test Approved by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a method of testing for the coronavirus by looking for antibodies in the blood, making it the first such test to get approval, CNN reports. Cellex Inc. created the serology test, the technical term for a blood test, which could identify past coronavirus …

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Australian scientists begin tests of potential coronavirus vaccines

Scientists in Australia have begun testing two potential coronavirus vaccines in “milestone” lab trials, BBC reports. The vaccines, made by Oxford University and US company Inovio Pharmaceutical, have been cleared for animal testing by the World Health Organization. Australia’s national science agency will assess if the vaccines work, and if …

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Researchers uncover novel role for autophagy in the brain

Scientists from the laboratory of Dr. Natalia Kononenko at the CECAD Center of Excellence in Aging Research at the University of Cologne have found out that autophagy – the process of cellular self-recycling, or waste clearance – is dispensable for the survival of the neurons in mice. The new findings …

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