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Heroic deeds are starting to emerge

In 1DW111 OHK-GM CConnected Kingdom of the Dragon SuperBLESS from The United Saints

I’d like to thank myself ID1111 for having the inspiration to start a topic which I hoped to forge into something that would create laughter in all kinds of level. CConnected understands that Creating topics is not an easy job to anyone, no matter what the environment.

This Kingdom of the Dragon environment/forum just happens to be an absolutely unique one, which I happen to love and hold very dearly to my heart.

The people here show countless of Heroic Characteristics and on-Top of that are such a good company and overall high quality that spending time here socialising instead of other Media platforms? is already possible! This is the main Order of The Heroes forum thread and it’s about HEROIC HAPPENINGS, pictures and other stuff too.

This Topic.. I created with the intention of rolling this atleast for a good 1111 writings. If U click the TOPlink, then I see.. That the topic runs over 40 Pagilometres. 10 Pieces of Feedback/Data/Information on 1 page. IF this topic’s first few posts don’t click with you at all, it’s totally fine to skip this looong topic and maybe return back to it when you’ve caught up with your chosen preferred topics. The headlines around the forum are quite accurate. Don’t forget to leave your questions and feedback!

OHK-GM CConnected, FF, B-MOB, T_T, QO, ELU, PoH, 2*HB, GC-RM SSx7 is a totally, mostly made up of abbreviations. So is The United Saints in the Headline of the article… It doesn’t even have to be anykind of registered entity or anything.. or when you use something same as someone else is using. IF you use it in good faith, a good person should have no issue with it.

Everyone are free to learn and use almost everything and whatever speaks to You the most. Good idea is to learn from others, including the mistakes also. Why would U go through the same if you’ve already experienced someone else go through something similar? Anatomically we aren’t too different from one another, wouldn’t you say?

OHK-GM Cconnected from Order of the Heroes of the Kingdom is very honoured to present the third 1*OHK-Hero Honour of the Kingdom of the Dragon to and rewrite my name once again for the I-Don’t-Know-How-Many’th-Time to

OHK-Hero GM CConnected, First Founder, BoogieMOBster, PLEIER, Elixir Lighting Universe, Principle of Help, Heart Breaker, Hell Breather, GC-RM Substance Specialist; Super Spiritual; Salty Supernova; Superior Survivor; Speedy Slowpoke; Sun Shine; SingerSavvy

I promise to use my energy here to create the craziest BallRoll that the world has ever seen! Thank you Kingdom of the Dragon for enabling this for everybody! Thank you Dragon for enabling Kingdom of the Dragon for everybody! Thank you all the citizens NOW and TO COME, U are the reason why we even do this and your help is needed to get AND keep the ball rolling!

Sincerely glancing the potential with great admiration!
CConnected <3

Source: https://forum.levels.fi/viewtopic.php?p=6875#p6875

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