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The Dragon sequel – Part 11: Godmode

-13DW 43.12

The Dragon starts to feel spiritual and energetic battles around him and becomes awkward. “Have to check the mental status: ‘YMRS=21; qualified observer; not severely ill’. Besides, the least in the Kingdom of God has YMRS=11, and he is regarded as a killjoy.”

Further proof is needed, however:
i) Stays in a *** hotel;
ii) Ate a cheap lunch;
iii) Did not smoke w33d on the street where it is illegal, rather safely in the hotel room;
iv) Helps contain energies by buying 2 donuts and a Snickers for dinner, trading increased weight for spiritual unclarity.

“According to this definition, 2014 was my peak year and I am down 5 kilos since.”

The Dragon goes on a full-blown godmode, monologuing to anyone who cares to listen (James bears the burden since he is the cupbearer of the Dragon and hence cannot escape):

“Written word has power – imagine that there exists a girl who believes it!”

– You have had this particular type of God initiation already 2 years ago: where you first realise that yourself are God, then that we all are gods, but then you start to think that you are the coolest of the gods anyway.

“And well, that does not differ at all from being the coolest of the mans.”

– Yes, the normal types are: first seeing yourself as God first, and then others; or seeing someone else as God first, and then that we all are.

“But what if a girl suddenly realises that I AM, but that they are not?”

– Well, ain’t no girl, but for me it was a profound experience and I certainly acted weirdly.

“Hey the point is to have maximum fun with the people who think that I only AM God, but have not yet realised that they are as well!! These guys who have been gods for long, also are having fun with ME because of it. (“As if that was even among the TOP-10 reasons…” JAMES thinks.) How long did you have the phase that you thought only Dragon was god and you yet weren’t?”

– 3 weeks.

“So why do I not get free drinks from my fans??”

Joesmoe quips:

– You don’t drink. And you also don’t show a convincing amount of effort that you are in a desperate need of free drinks. And you buy drinks to girls, which is just plain wrong.

To be continued…

Source: The Kingdom of the Dragon forum

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