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UK: Amusement arcade fills grabber machine with toilet rolls

An amusement arcade owner has decided to get in on the action by filling up his grabber machine with toilet rolls that folks can try and win for 30p a go.

Eddy Chapman, who manages Chapman Funland in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, has taken the usual soft toys out of his Maxx Grab machine and instead topped it up with bog roll to try and tempt would-be panic buyers.

Chapman says his 30p-a-go-grabber is intended to spread a bit of cheer and that he hopes customers will see the funny side.

“I think all this panic buying of toilet roll has been loo-dicrous, and so came up with this idea to hopefully get people to calm down”, says Chapman.

“It’s just a bit of fun which is what coming to seaside towns like Bridlington is all about, I think people need to relax a little and stop panic buying.”

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