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Battle for ID33

Both Heroes showed Extreme Faith already from the very beginning of the Creation of Dragon's Platform. HSH Fürst Larsson d'Cryptostotlé went as high as to prom...

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Scientists list four key actions to halt global warming

The latest edition of the JRC’s Global Energy and Climate Outlook (GECO), identifies four technological dynamics in the energy sector that have the power to limit global warming to below 2°C if implemented simultaneously. The global average temperature is already 1°C above the pre-industrial levels and today’s emissions and energy …

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From Dragon Marks to GLI

For starters I'll mention that even the name of our currency has been upgraded so it's not anymore Dragon Marks. It's already something far more beautiful, because of the exponentially growing energy of GLI Global Ledger In...

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Copper Coins and Kingli Commands

Example on creating something virtual, CC21M which stands for Copper Coins 21Million to be minted. Giving items and ventures such abbreviations is because of our platform's capability to understand what needs to go where. So let's say your looking to buy 33 crates of Copper Coins...

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Italy to extend quarantine until ‘at least’ April 12

Italy is to extend nationwide quarantine measures until “at least” mid-April, the health minister said late on Monday. Some of the measures currently in place to stop the spread of coronavirus, including the closure of most businesses and a ban on public gatherings, were set to expire on Friday April …

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See the value in everything

The quality isn't really that important, BECAUSE IF SOMETHING is presented.. the Viewer adds VALue already when reading the thing, how ever shitty or poor quality or whatever the fuck kind of excuses people find not to do things....

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