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Kingdom of the Dragon video: Bitcoin’s history compared to Kingli and Valta

This is a video post. The table of contents is as follows:

0:00 The year 2013 was a breaking year in Dragon’s global reach. Just before that he had become a millionaire with silver trading.

0:45 A new asset class is born every 500 years. Bitcoin was the first in a long while.

1:15 When Bitcoin was created, it was both virtual and trustless. This combination had not existed before in history.

3:05 What I copied from Bitcoin to the Kingdom.

3:30 Current market cap of Kingli and Bitcoin.

4:44 The Mathematical parameters of Bitcoin (and Kingli) have been chosen for it to rise in value.

5:29 I heard of Bitcoin in 2009, but it took me 4 years to realize its potential.

5:55 Valta (VAL) is now 0,01 €. There was a time that Bitcoin was 0,01 €.

6:20 My mentor was buying Bitcoin at my Silver club, and with his actions generating the global price history.

6:54 Of Monero’s big spikes, four of the six first ones are my doing.

7:05 I think the biggest spike in Monero price history was when they finished selling the Monero’s they stole from me.

8:02 Valta (VAL) markets, or Kingli markets in general, are very #centralized, #open, and #transparent to add liquidity to the markets. This is by design, so the markets would function well.

8:14 Monero markets are none of the above (decentralized, closed and non-transparent). It is a darkness coin, principally.

Credit: MMC 7111 (video photography & editing)

Source: Dragon Speaks channel / YouTube

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