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KotD: Planetary ministries

The “dark cabal” governing authority has intentionally and methodically hidden humanity’s historical truth for over 13,000 years. Its plan was to enslave humanity for its own selfish ends. It almost succeeded.

The Dragon [1] has been tasked by The Infinite Source [0] to stop and reverse the momentum of this rebellious and blatant dark cabal, put an end to its deceit and to help humanity and Mother Earth bring into alignment the goals of The Great Shift in Consciousness.

We are on week 40 (40DW) of our 160-week mission to effect the Shift, and it is now time to institute the Planetary Ministries.

Already in 35DW, 316,406,029*VAL (3.52%) was given as esi-VALta to the FFF/FF/F/(EEE) Kingli Characters.

Each of the seven Planetary Ministries will coordinate the distribution of 1,000,000,000*VAL. It is intended that this 7,000,000,000*VAL (77.78%) will be distributed to the first 100,000,000 (+/- 1 order of magnitude) Characters. The Ministries are organised into Departments/Initiatives/Schools/(etc) who individually are tasked to create Tracks of Quests that are offered to the Characters to complete. Each completed Quest awards a Badge item and the decreed amount of VAL. There are both automatically and administratively awardable Quests. Everyone is welcome to complete the Quests.

The remaining 1,683,593,971*VAL (18.71%) will be allocated to Guardians who use its proceeds to provide Universal Basic Income (UBI) to all the sentient lifeforms on this planet (the ones not part of the first 100 million above). This allocation will happen at or close to the Shift (VW = “victory week” meaning the final collapse of the cabal, current target 160DW = June 2022).

The Ministries will be:

  • HIM Administration
  • Wisdom Council
  • Ministry of Truth
  • Ministry of Love
  • Ministry of Plenty
  • HM Special Operations
  • Ministry of Peace.

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