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6 Houthi commanders killed in clashes with Yemen forces

Yemen’s Houthi rebel group said six of its commanders have been killed in recent battles with the government forces, according to the group-run Saba news agency. According to the news agency, the funeral of the bodies of “Col. Abd al-Latif Saleh al-Ghafari, Col. Moeen Abdullah Mar’i, Col. Abd al-Badi` Abd …

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Thousands of Venezuelans rally in Caracas to support Maduro

Thousands of people in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas have held a rally in support of President Nicolas Maduro, who urged people to defend their homeland by all means, as the South American nation suffers from a year-long political turmoil incited by US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido. Demonstrators celebrated the …

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Best tips to boost your immune system

Keeping your immune system healthy and functioning is now more essential than ever both this flu season and in the face of the global threat of coronavirus. Most especially so in the case of flu, which as of Feb. 1 has struck at least 22 million Americans and claimed the …

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