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Principles of Kingdom of the Dragon

Creation of Principles is a very delicate assignment and should always be treated with extreme care. They are in constant development and therefore need constant SUPERvision from ALL users.

Everyone is responsible for their behaviour and when you do see something that is just not good for Nature, please say something.

The Bundle-of-Principles is of HIGH Importance!
Created by THE 32*OHK-Master Hero HM The King Dragon

This article, publishes 7 principles of the Bundle-of-Principles. There are more to follow.


In Kingdom of the Dragon, all activities are voluntary: by not choosing to do something, only a reward may be missed.

The only forbidden thing is to hinder other people in their playing of the Game.


We believe that when everyone follows their momentary drive/flame/flow/leading, the whole will also work out, and also the usual discussion topics (building roads, cleaning toilets) will work out.


Everyone may continue in their ways, as long as they do not interfere others doing the same.

Participating in the Kingdom cannot require adopting new ways.

KotD is organised such that as small changes as possible (to a person’s lifestyle) are needed to achieve as big benefits as possible.


Arrange all people in descending order of potency. The individual potencies follow power law (1/n; where n is the rank). Hence the 1000th most potent guy has 1/1000 of the potency of the 1st guy, and the 1 millionth most potent has 1/1000,000 as much. Longer treatise here.

The corollary is that by getting the most potent people to the KotD, and enabling them the connections, tools and resources, even a small number of people can change the world.


Whoever is the most qualified to decide, plan, implement or execute an action, is encouraged to do it.

Especially planning/specification is such that huge savings can be had. Finance, banking, law, administration etc. can be organised anew with 99% cost savings and drastically improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The Kingdom is a higher plane of life and living. People adopt it in stages, going incrementally further in the following 3 dimensions:

– Vision, will, intention
– Time, efforts
– Money, economy

The dimensions may be activated in any order. One can go far in one dimension without much progress in another. There is no border that allows to say that someone is “in” and another one is “out”.

KotD helps in organising all of the above dimensions, allowing Kingdom people much better function than before.


Taxes are a tool of control, and we do not need them. KotD organisation is so light that only a minuscule amount would be needed anyway.

Instead, “the state pays the taxes”.

Yes the legacy propaganda has tried to make that sound crazy but they are saying also many other things that are untrue.

Source: Kingdom of the Dragon forum

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  1. HM The King Dragon

    Haha 🙂 Good to see the principles (etc.) being published. This list is far from complete of course, it is in a constant flux!

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