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One person can make a difference – a report from Tallinn

My small achievements in recent weeks. I currently live in Türi, Tallinn, Järva County, in the Society House.

When I moved in I saw how the municipal government treated the residents unfavourably. My wish was to do something about it!

The first thing was for the women in the house to get more soil for the flower beds. I went to Türi Haldus and wasn’t gonna leave until it was brought to the women.

Another small achievement was the removal of mold from the washroom, which was already more difficult. I had to include social media and the local newspaper, result -> 36 people got a little happier.

A resident of the house was discovered to have tuberculosis and was being treated in his room. The room should have been immediately disinfected, which was not organized by the Türi rural municipality.

The population is treated as one-off. I approached the Health Board and after a week of specialist examination I was delighted with the announcement that the Health Board has issued a prescription to the Türi rural municipality and that the cleaning should be carried out immediately, making the 36 residents even more happy.

Now I focus to help the Ministry of Social Affairs, because Türi parish is unable to ensure that one person in the house is taken to a care home. The man himself no longer walks, cannot go to the toilet, rarely gets food and drinks.

Via the Facebook messenger, I also spoke to Estonian politician Jürgen Ligi who’s work and opinion I truly respect. I also talked to the former Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik. He said I have good ideas and doing the right things. If I understood correctly he and I hopefully can cooperate in the future.

I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR THE WEAK, and hope to be remembered by my good deeds.

Although I don’t yet know how to move around Kingli 100%, I’m trying to learn it everyday!

I hope that my efforts are in line with our principles.


A little victory.

After much writing and calling the Health Board, they ordered the Türi rural municipality to disinfect the room where the man with open tuberculosis lived.

The cleaning team arrived today. One person in a million can achieve great things and confront a government agency.

Be blessed. I will continue to work to improve people’s lives.

Source: Margus167 / Kingdom of the Dragon

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