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Comment on “What exactly is rigged?”

HSF Loaf comments on The Dragon Times column called “What exactly is rigged?”, especially this line:

• Consciousness and free will (we are all taught consciousness doesn’t exist)

This is the big one, because all other ills flow from it.

The funniest part is how mainstream atheists in all fields have no problem hypothesizing about aliens, universe simulation, many worlds theory, etc., but then act like free will doesn’t exist and all thoughts and actions are purely chemical/electrical/whatever. It’s madness.

Before anyone argues for what ought to be, I like to get a feel for if they are an atheist or not. If they are, none of their arguments matter because a purely material world cannot have objective standards for anything, so there can be no oughts.

It’s hilarious to watch people like Sean Carroll argue for purely chemical consciousness. In such a system, no one has free will to actually choose to do anything. So someone becomes a murderer because, say – way back when they were a baby – someone pinched them. This released certain chemicals and electrical signals in the brain that were perceived incorrectly as thoughts, and then 30 years later the ripple of those chemicals cascading though all the actions of their life eventually caused them to bash someone’s head in with a brick.

And yet, they believe in aliens? Oh, the aliens made us? Okay, but you’re just kicking the proverbial can down the road further. Where did the aliens come from? Who made them?

Universe simulation? So if we are in a sim other people made, then they could very well also be in a simulation as well, and then those people could be in a sim too, ad infinitum.

I love that atheists defend the many worlds interpretation. So rather than arguing for just a single universe with incredible fine tuning, they would instead like to argue that there is an infinite number of universes that don’t exist.

Look at how accurate the fine tuning in our universe is for just the fundamental constants of the universe. So for all other possible values mixed together, those must be failed universes that truly exist. And we aren’t even including items like Earth’s placement relative to the sun, Jupiter’s placement to capture dangerous asteroids in its gravity field so that the larger bits don’t hit the Earth, etc.

Every minute variable change has to have its own universe, so again we have an infinity (but a smaller infinity than the dead universes). And then all people and living things. Well for every choice – but remember, free will doesn’t exist, so these are just chemical firings making people do things 😉 – we have to have branching universes as well for each of those.

It’s hilarious. Compared to a process that creates a single fine tuned universe like the one we are in, the complexity is infinite for the process or mechanism that can create many worlds, because not only does it have to create our single universe, but it also must create infinite numbers of dead/nonexistent/collapsed universes, along with the infinite number of variations for universes that may have life, along with the infinite number of universes for all the “choices” that living things make.

Don’t see what the issue is in simplifying an infinite series and just calling it god. Doesn’t even have to be uppercase.

Source: HSF Loaf / Kingdom of the Dragon

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