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Queen wanted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to remain full-time royals

The Queen has said Buckingham Palace supports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to step back from royal life – but would have preferred them to stay.

The statement comes following a crunch summit at Sandringham this afternoon.

The Queen says she and her family are “entirely supportive” of the couple’s decision to create a new life, adding that the royals have agreed on a “transition period” to support their desire to split their time between Britain and Canada.

The unprecedented gathering at the Queen’s estate in Norfolk was attended by the Duke of Sussex, 35, his grandmother the Queen, 93, Charles, 71, and Prince William, 37.

It was the first time Harry had come face to face with them since his and Meghan Markle’s stepping back announcement last week which rocked Buckingham Palace.

Harry and Meghan’s situation has thrown up important questions about funding for the couple’s round-the-clock security, media access to their royal events and how they will pay for their future lifestyles.

Other important issues to resolve include who will pay for the substantial security cost of protecting the couple and their baby son if they spend large portions of the year in Canada and possibly America.

Source: Mirror

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