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Koalas could be classified endangered species after bushfires (video)

More than 26 people have been killed and millions of hectares of land have been burned to a crisp, leaving scores of people without a home or land to return to.

Heartbreakingly, hundreds of millions of animals have also perished and no species has been more decimated than the beautiful koala.

Because these bushfires have occurred in koala-rich locations, they could soon have their status downgraded.

Environment minister Sussan Ley has revealed that koalas could be listed as endangered as a result of the bushfire crisis. The federal MP has announced a $50 million funding package to help animal populations bounce back once the bushfires have died down.

As attention is being paid towards getting the local koala population back up and running, there are calls for loads of the animal to be sent across the Tasman.

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