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Hero stray dog found curled up in snow to protect kittens from freezing

The driver pulled over to check on the dog, and the sight warmed his heart – she tried to keep five orphaned kittens warm, so she curled herself around them.

He immediately called Pet and Wildlife Rescue, based in Chatham, Ontario, and they sent an Animal Control Officer out to fetch the animals.

With the help of the loving stray dog, named Serenity, and the quick action of the driver, all five kittens were healthy and safe.

She shelter wrote:

“Our stray sweetheart is keeping her ‘babies’ safe at the shelter tonight!”

“It’s truly heartwarming! It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.”

“Our staff sees many difficult situations on a daily basis and stories like this one make every heartache worth it.”

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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