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Monex Group will give bitcoin to all shareholders

Although the payout is relatively small – just 500 yen (around USD 4.67) – the company says that it will be made universally, and will be offered to new and existing shareholders on September 30.

The company says that shareholders wishing to claim the benefit will need to have (or open) BTC wallets at Japanese exchange Coincheck, a subsidiary of the Monex Group. Coincheck was sold to Monex in 2018 after the former was the victim of a massive hack in January of that year.

Japanese media observers say the move is significant as it marks the first time a major securities company has given cryptocurrency bonuses to shareholders.

However, the company may well be following in the footsteps of financial group SBI Holdings, which last month handed out Ripple’s XRP tokens to its own shareholders.

Source: Cryptonews

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